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Writing is a solitary adventure...

It has its rewards and sacrifices. Ultimately, it is linear in nature, and has its own limitations. A writer must chose the material, aspects of presenting such, venue, and possible, as well as intended audiences.

The Internet has changed many things in global society. Of course, I'm not an expert on "global society". The impact the internet has had on the manner accomplished authors create "new" material is anyones guess. However, I am able to describe how casual internet users "view" unknown websites (and the content therein). People wander into websites such as my own (yes, the Art Desk website my own personal website) , and if they are not instantly entertained, enthralled, or tittilated? Off they go... Seeking what they are looking for elsewhere.

I know this- because this is my own pattern and habit of using the internet.

There are many things about "Outlaw-Trucking" that I will never be able to place online on this website. You? As a casual internet user? You are free to look elsewhere for anything you are wanting to know about transportation in the United States, the impact of illegal operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs), the efforts of the Authorities (namely the DOT and the Highway Patrol in the various States) to prevent this activity, the reasons for the practice, its prevelence, and what have you.

"Outlaw Trucking" is the advanced pursuit of a profession. It is the operation of Interstate Commercial Motor Vehicles while violating Federal rules and regulations, and sometimes local State laws, in the United States of America.

But obviously? It is more than this... Nowhere else in the world is it possible to cross a continent, stopping only twice for fuel. Doing this, is still possible today. In the "old days"? Traveling 2500 miles in something less than 40 hours, often at speeds in excess of 90 MPH, with an 80,000# (+)(?) five axle vehicle was commonplace.

Everything I can write about outlaw trucking are things I must do using my own experiences and material.

"Understanding" what "Outlaw Trucking" really means, requires a good grasp of the dynamics of the transportation industry in the USA. It also requires some grasp of the realities of commerce, geography, and psychology (in particular matters relating to motivation). Unfortunately, it also requires an explanation of the efforts of monitoring and enforcement activities of the Authorities, the ineffectiveness of such, and the (possible) motives of the management Officials charged with the safety of the general American motoring public.

To bundle all of the above ideas into one paragraph?

Transportation is a critically industry. The people doing this work (driving trucks) have been systemically and historically exploited. Writing about such things is a challenging adventure (to say the least). The attention span of the media and the public has become "very short". This? In my opinion, is an intentional thing. The skewing and mis-representation of reality, by the authorities, is something common. Everyone should be wondering? Are they deliberately trying to mislead us? Are they truly inept and incompetent? Or is there "reason to their madness"? Meaning are they creating an environment that does what they need it to, while at the same time concealing hidden agendas?

The last thought is my belief.

I am left wondering what other aspects of managment of this nation have been similarly "skewed", besides transportation.

My first experiences with traditional publishers were "less than rewarding".

They expected me to just send them a completed, finished manuscript. The wanted me to be content with some editorial guidance and 10% revenue with royalties. They offered me no assitance (of any kind), and most wanted $10,000 cash to create a first edition printing of however many copies.

Just so you know? Printing books having any number of quality pictures included in them is very expensive.

The idea that digital technologies make it possible to completely document an individuals' life? This idea is not very popular. It is one thing when doing these kinds of things for the entertainment of the public. It is quite another matter when explaining that these technologies can be used effectively to get accountability from Elected, appointed, and career public officials.

Perhaps my video record, and my thoughts? Perhaps these things could have some benefit in the larger scheme of things- beyond transportation?

This page is but the Introduction to "Outlaw Trucking".

The limits to what you might find here online are mostly about the restrictions I have regarding the employers I have worked for during the period of the accumulated video record. Employers in the United States have many concerns when providing wages for their employees. The families of these people depend on a drivers' ability to make a living. I will only work for people I admire. I have little interest in working for major corporate enterprises. Yes, I understand that there might be more financial security doing this. Not much- but possibly- some. Yes, I understand that perhaps I could be making "more money", working elsewhere for someone else. But making more money is an illusion? My working conditions would be more arduous. My true existing living conditions would be less attractive. And most important? I would not feel as appreciated.

I will not be writing anything harmful to the employers I have had during the five years of the video record. Yes, the record is but a minute fraction of one percent from being "complete".

The only reason this record exists- is because of these employers' forebearance.

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