March 29, 2007 - Chicago Illinois

     "Outlaw Trucking" is the advanced pursuit of a profession.

     Writing that first publisher helped alot, identifying what I am trying to do.
  • 1) What could a stupid truck driver possibly write that anyone would want to read?
  • 2) What was so special about that first publisher?
  • 3) How to explain what I am "alluding to" when I use the word "implications"
     Being a nation-wide traveler, is very difficult for many people to understand. The idea of living in a vehicle is too. Many professional drivers do have residences, but are only able to physically be there a few days each month. In reality, these people are living in commercial vehicles too.
     I'm not the only "old school" outlaw driver still working the transportation industry. There are still quite a few of these people driving around out there. I'm also not the only one taking issue with current US govt. policies and regulations. I am, however, one of the very few that has been trying to identify the affects of these policies - and document them.

     That First Publisher

     If you want to write a history book, you must be able to establish your bonafides as being an authority on whatever the given subject happens to be. After all, you are writing what is known as a "non-fiction" book. In general, history books are not best sellers. In general, because the subject written about is somewhat specific, you won't see enough readership of the work to do anything about public opinion.
      Now, I will tell you, I have been doing what I've been doing for far too long to ever really become "main-stream". For one thing, I don't buy into all of that "popular culture" crap. Even if I wanted to simply understand it - as an intellectual challenge - I would probably be unable to do so.
     Adventure, is something completely different.
     America, the nation, is completely different from what most people would like to believe. My idea, was to find someone knowing "exactly" what a best seller should contain, turn this person loose with my material, and make that book. Who better to do this than a publishing person, who has never seen this country?
     As you might guess - the idea did not go over very well. Hopefully, those people just think I'm somewhat "delusional", and are not pissed off at me. I'll tell you, that at the time, I thought it was a really "neat" idea. Of course, if a publisher really could create a best seller, just because someone "asked" them to do so, it's possible more people would consider bringing material to that publisher...
     My experience with publishers, so far, has also taught me this: there are very few that really are interested in first time authors. Of these, they are wanting quite a bit of money, to create a few hundred copies of anything you might want created. Since this is the reality of the situation, I'll be more careful the next few "go-rounds", or I'll find myself with nowhere to go...

     Outlaw Trucking

     On the previous page, (pp 1), I mentioned an example of historical dispatch by an existing trucking company. There are two major trucking companies based out of Jerome Idaho, and I had the exerience of being employed with one of them (1995-1997). These people still, today, have a significant percentage of all Texas freight, being chanelled through the brokerage side of their company.
     I can both go further back, as well as more recent; providing almost endless examples for what used to be common practices. The real problem, using any of these examples, is making the reality of the experience something that people can understand.

     The "Big Boys"

     Consider this... If the real implications I am alluding to, were aired on some television special - PBS, Fox, or what have you - "Do you believe enough public attention would happen to get changes made?" You now understand, why printed material - that is popular - is the best way to hold someones' attention. I can cite a number of real world examples - IRS abuse for one - student loan collection practices for another - examples that despite being aired by the media, did not hold the attention of public opinion long enough to accomplish anything in the manner of real world results.
     In the very best possible world, it would take five years (my best guess) to undo the damage having already been done by "giving away another industry".
     Is anyone else - anyone at all - trying to do things similar to what I am trying to do? Or have all rational people decided (to themselves), "It's a complete waste of both time and energy."? I realize that this is probably a rhetorical question.

     What If...

     If a supervisor, of the next publishing company I contact, asks me about my experience working with publishers - what do you think I will write? I know alot more about all of this than I did at the beginning of this year.
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