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My observations after reading and seeing the CL posts. I am sure that women do not think...for the most part all their thinking is governed by emotion and hormones. For the most part they only feel and go by that. There is no or very little logic in what they think or decide to do or not do. I truly believe there is no thinking involved or that it is flawed. They are led by feelings and wanting what they want never thinking about how these decisions will impact their lives, safety, physical or emotional well-being. That in itself is of the utmost importance.

Not minding the danger or the unknown they still post looking for strangers to bring into homes, apartments even Hotels/Motels and going to the residence of these men unknown to them to do the unknown with just anyone. so, What are they thinking? Who knows, ask them, question their actions or intentions. Are they really thinking this through, have they looked at both sides completely - weighed all the pros and cons.....Please - Any sensible, well-adjusted, normal, emotionally healthy woman would be saying "No way in Hell".. But how do you measure all of this...What is the guage you use to determine what is normal, healthy, well-adjusted...think about it... Really.

Everything we, as little girls are taught when young goes straight out of our heads - when the hormones rage and sensual or sexual maturity comes awake. It seems that it is all about the physical needs and wants. There is no or very little emotional or logical thinking or consideration happening. So how do we tell, help or advise these women as to what is going on or how to stop the behavior? Well we don't. They would not listen anyway or care. It is a guage by which each individual has to monitor and measure their own actions and beliefs, good, bad, or indifferent. It seems to be a free for all in thinking as well as actions. If it feels good or is fun DO IT.....No matter what the cost or consequenses. Kind of scary, isn't it.

I believe there is some flawed ideals here, at least their thinking. Why, would any normal pretty girl , raised in a loving American home and given or taught values, boundaries and ideals turn away from all that they were taught as children and disregard logic and comprehension to delve into the unknown. My father gave me a sense of self-esteem, values of mind and body and to not let anyone take or destroy or question them. I have tried to keep those values intact. but it is increasingly difficult as the years go by. I keep hearing him tell me to listen and learn. As women we had our Mothers saying one thing, our fathers telling us another and friends and peers telling us something else, Then we have a boyfriend or significant other coming at us with other ideas, ones that benefit them....So we are bombarded with ideas ideals, and questions.

So, how do we handle all this confusion? What do we, as women do to keep our sanity, our self-esteem and values intact? That is a question I do not have the answer to and i'm not sure I want to even try to figure it out. It is not logical and has no tangible conclusion as far as I can gather. Sometime all I can do when I read the posts or see what is written there is shake your head and walk away. Nothing else makes any sense. What would you do with this , the same I expect....When one tries too hard to make sense of something, you become confused and have no idea what you are looking at, reading about, or that is trying to get your full attention. This can cause alarm and to question the reality of it all. In reading and writing this I found and discovered that I'm really not as different as I thought i might have been. I am really near enough to those women making bad decisions as they are. Believe me I have made a few myself. However I was given the tools to use buffers and keep some of my values and ideals a bit higher, not a lot but some. Most of those so-called bomb decisions have been because of and in favor of the men or want of one.. Some women will do anything to get a mans attention - even me.

We can peek into some instance of this by ages. The genders and age barriers have really no bearing on all of this, although they differ in minor areas they are basically the same. You will see what I mean as you compare the groups of 20 year olds, the 30 somethings, as well as the 40's group and even into the 50's plus. I think I already know what you are going to say, think or understand......nothing and will be shaking your head and asking those questions..

What are these women thinking,

Why are they doing this,

How can we make them see what is happening

and where can they possibly go for help to stop or curb the insanity?

Don't bother - just read and try to understand the reasoning, the need , the want, and the self-destruction.

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