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"...the truth shall make you free..." ~ John 8:32

Jhammie Nielsen wrote the following web-pages; as well as the previous.

The woman is my friend. She is also more than that. She took what I had and "ran with it", in the hopes of their bettering their lives as women. In the hopes of any woman better understanding their own emotions.

What I gave her, was a collection of articles posted by women before personals were shut down. Asking her about her thoughts about the contents. I won't go into detail here about my own thoughts. I will explain that about one out of 30 of all of these women I actually had some form of contact with.

It will be impossible to separate "Outlaw Trucking" from "What Women Think" - given the history of how the original resource was acquired.

Be this as it may...
Jhammie has made a valiant effort trying to explain her thoughts. I'm leaving her colloquialisms and bad grammar as she writes them. They seem more real and earthly being left as she wrote them. After all? It is my website. If you do not like it?

In all of the world there are very few people you can really trust.

This is me saying out loud and telling the world? That if I had not given Jhammie a reason to live she would most likely not be here with the rest of us.

I did think long and hard about posting all of the original Craigslist ads (many with pictures) on my website. Talk about a challenging intellectual cock-tale? But in the end I decided the legal liability was too high. Perhaps this will change if I see enough revenue to justify such a legal gamble with copyright infringement.

I'm from Montana. I have one favorite saying I wish to share here:
"If your word is no good? You may as well move back to wherever you came from."

Short and sweet and to the point.

Obviously? The female human condition goes back to the beginning of humanity - Christian or archeology or any other value system you cherish.

I dare any woman to write what Jhammie has written.

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