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Title 17 USC (download)

Copyright Infingement and Intellectual Property Theft.

The Orphan Works Act of 2009 seriously limited the ability of individual artists and writers to protect their work and recover damages from those caught stealing from them.

Many people are now using obnoxious watermarks and other methods in an attempt to thwart these types of abuses.

My solution, and the policy of the Art Desk company, is to only present relatively small images online in a public fashion. A larger amount of material is available in a private folder on this website. That folder is password restricted, for clients wanting a more comprehensive selection for their art needs.


The real cost of fine art photgraphy, and digital art, is printing and framing such pieces. So the return policy with Art Desk, is: "There isn't one."

Purchasers of any image or digital art-work will get an exclusive right to print and display whichever picture. "Exclusive" - meaning a limited edition 1 of 1 certificate along with the digital file. The Art Desk company will not be releasing copyrights to any material whatsoever.