11112008 - Billings Montana

I live in a truck.

I've lived in a truck- since my last divorce (2003) (which happened to be a very bitter and ugly thing).

Yes, I'm a bona-fide "outlaw truck driver", and this is my own personal website. I've been an outlaw truck driver since the beginning of my trucking career (1993).

For the last couple of years this domain has just kinda been a "placeholder", parked on my art companys' website waiting for me to begin composition on the stupid thing (Outlaw-Trucking.com).

You see? No matter hard I work- I won't ever make enough money in wages to accomplish my dreams. So I started that art company (Art Desk), learned how to do many internet related things, and then began learning to write about things within my experience.

Many real life things coincided with my beginning work on this portion of my website. My ex-wife had lap-band surgery. I switched employers. My own father finally pissed me off so much that he might die before I talk to him again. My mother has herself gone completely "incommunicado" from all of her children.

I met a woman...

I met a woman in the course of my first trip out working for this new employer. And in many ways- her story- was an appropriate beginning for my writing about what it means to be an outlaw truck driver.

As much as I wanted to- I was unable to use her story as the begining for what I am doing here.

"Outlaw Trucking" is really about the exploitation of working Americans. It is not (not really) about my sexual adventures- breaking laws, regulations- etc. It is about what happens to people devoting their lives to the transportation industry- in pursuit of the American dream.

She did give me the inspiration to begin writing this section- a gift I won't soon forget.

I begin all of my adventures with the best of intentions. In my experience, as far as relationships are concerned, you never really know where you at until at least several months have gone by. This idea includes women, employers, equipment, customers, and what have you.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to run out of six year periods of time to give to anyone... Yes- in my experience- even for people and institutions deserving real commitment- "You will not really know how things are until you get five or six years down the road with them".