Shame on me for using such a common description as "Outlaw Trucking" for promotional purposes.

     There are many conditions working people have no input with - nor recourse for if they are ever discovered as having not been in compliance with existing safety requirements.
     So lets tell the truth. Most professional drivers use existing regulations regarding highway safety in America as guidelines (only).
     They routinely violate these guidelines because these rules are not flexible enough for them to use as "absolute" measures that they can comply with.
     My point is: "This eventuality was intended; the results of this were something that could be anticipated".

     If I really did want to write the history book, titled, "Outlaw Trucking", could I do so without input from other outlaw drivers?

     There are people that will be literally "turning over in their graves", if they knew that I will be making this book. I'm wanting to make this book with or without any help. "Expecting" to make this book - would be more accurate. But, if I could; I would get help.
     My focus with the "project" was to create an adventure for a smart attractive woman, giving her all of the information to make the book work, as a non-fiction piece of literature, but also allowing this person every latitude to alter the socio-economic portions to suit her ideology. I was hoping to find someone qualified to write a 1000 page text book, along the lines of a "Lewis and Clark" journal. As I understood things, that might have been one of the best ways to make the stupid book "work".
     The idea was actually very "neat", because popular video and literature generally has a female role as a major character. It also tied in with my own personal wishes, because every woman I have ever had in my life (for any length of time) took a chance and shared my adventures for however long...
     However, I am now older. People in this country, that are my age, already have established a "life of their own". I've not been able to locate anyone willing to spend several months with my project.
     So consider what you might do; if you were me.

     Most truck drivers cannot write. But should I not try to give them such opportunity?
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