"The Art Desk Studio Webmaster"

     I've personally created everything available from the Art Desk Studio.

     "Life in the United States of America"

     I have lived in Europe. I've traveled to Canada and to Mexico.
     I've traveled extensively throughout the United States for many years.
     I studied European languages at the University of Oregon.
     Since 2003, I've been developing my art company; time permitting.

     "American Highways and Professional Drivers"

You know? I'm writing this page as I contemplate the 2,000 odd pages that I'll be placing on the Internet.
     As a writer, I know that the things I write will be different than I anticipated. I also know it will likely take longer to completely finish than expected. The target completion date for everything already begun, is late 2007. To create entries and new material for the year 2007 will likely require most of another year.
     You would think, that the amount of material I have would establish myself, financially, as an artist. I have news for everyone - it's not that simple. Presenting even a small fraction of what I've accumulated is a truly daunting task. Writing the articles that I want to make about transportation is proving to be an even greater one.

     "He who looks into the Abyss, should give pause to consider that the Abyss also looks into you..." - Nietzsche