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"...the truth shall make you free..." ~ John 8:32


I love spending my time thinking about things...
Paintings I will be creating.
Web pages I'll be writing.
The ideas I can present to the world; and how best to do so...

I spend much time contemplating how to escape my occupation; and what I could possibly be replacing it with.

I recognize, that if I don't ever write what it "means" to be an "Outlaw Truck Driver"; then most likely no one ever will. Not the full complete version anyways.

Where to begin is always a problem... The most usual solution for many people is to begin at the beginning. But for me? And for my art company? Simply telling stories won't suffice. You see? I want to do something with my knowledge and experience. I've written elsewhere that my belief is, "that those qualified to make the world a better place have not only a responsibility to do so- but it is in fact their duty".

My earliest experiences as an adult were as a soldier. A soldier giving his or her heart and mind to doing their duty, is central and required to being a soldier. And the truth? Despite the many years that have passed since my own service- I still consider myself as a soldier. I recognize my duty, even if the mission I am pursuing is somewhat nebulous and undefined.

I don't want what I have done- will be doing with Outlaw Trucking- to be simply a curiosity as a piece of literature. At the very least; I don't want it to become just only this because of my lack of ability to explain reality, the environment doing this work, or the mentality of people making a living or a career driving Interstate trucks. If the writing I do make is little understood or unappreciated? I want this to only be because of the small-mindedness or the inability of those reading what I have to say not being able to comprehend or understand simple and basic human feelings and values.

I can't write about things included in the video record from the Art Desk company. These things are being reserved with the video record being as "proof"; documentation that I truly am as expert as I claim to be. I expect to someday write the literature book for history classes and libraries about what Outlaw Trucking used to be in this country.

I can write about the differences between myself and most drivers. I can write and self-publish online my observations. I can write things that almost no other professional drivers will be able to take issue with as being not true.

I can write about other realities as well. The motives and exigencies of motor carriers being one of these things. I can explain, in general, the roles of freight brokers. I can explain what dealing with many shippers and receivers entails. I can in a general fashion explain what CMV enforcement officials (in the field) are doing, give generalizations for their effectiveness, and make (from a distance) observations about the policies of the higher level career civil servants doing transportation management in the United States.

One problem? Every single idea or word that I place online being overly scrutinized, possibly plagiarized, or simply ignored. The time spent writing any of this "stuff"; could possibly be better spent making paintings.

One very real benefit? If I ever did see some readership- in particular from people considering becoming truck drivers themselves? Perhaps many of them would reconsider. If the average citizen realized how many immigrants were being subsidized to work in the transportation industry? And if there was a concerted outcry for our govt to explain the costs and the implications of these policies? Perhaps the Americans doing this work would be better compensated and appreciated for the work that they choose to do.

So obviously? The place to begin... Is the beginning. With a description about wages included with this.

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